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Snowy Path is a surprisingly polished game, mixing exploration, horror, shooter and mystery to make a compelling short experience. Unfortunately, the shooting mechanic is all but useless and the game could have done better without it, but, since it's optional, it doesn't hurt the overall feeling of progression. 

The last section of the game is, in my point of view, completely unnecessary, especially due to how the game ends.

I still recommend you to try it, though, and you'll probably be surprised as well.

The game runs perfectly well on Steam Deck as you can see by pressing the link below:

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti πŸ™πŸ˜˜

Huge potential, very polished atmosphere overall 

The fact that there's no user interface nor written ints for the enigma is even more challenging ! 

Greatly recommended

This has a huge amount of polish for a free/pay-what-you-want Itch title. It looks fantastic, the gameplay is responsive, the music, design and art is good.

Above all, it's frantic and spooky throughout, you never quite feel confident and safe. The atmosphere is opressive and cold. Just a really, genuinely good time! Definitely recommended, go check it out :)



Beautiful game!  Made you a lil video: 


I didn't know what to expect when I downloaded this game, but I like trying games on here and it looked interesting. I was a little confused at first, but quickly understood what was going on. By the end I was thoroughly impressed by this game. There isn't a whole lot to it, but it still was really fun and made me think of the meaning to the game. 

This was FANTASTIC! Perfect pacing, threw a lot of interesting things my way, the level design is flawless, the enemies are engaging and threatening. I have nothing negative to say, this is superb! Great work!

Wow well done!πŸ‘πŸΎ Can’t wait to see more!


The game is quite interesting as the premise is so rarely used. The monsters also suits the theme that you are attempting to portray as well. I'd suggest reworking the sprint mechanic a bit so that it don't blind the player while they run, but instead gives them a temporary warm up effect that gives them a faster freeze rate once they stop running. Otherwise, great demo.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics are good, but the enemies need to be better designed and implemented as they feel really robotic and sometimes hard to fight.

-The "story" on the game is quite interesting.

-Visually the game looks great :)

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



For something that's just a slice of the game experience this was amazing!! There was so much content packed into this but there's still so much more room to expand! Really well done on this!!


I can't wait for the full version. There is a lot of potential here. Congrats, guys, and keep it up!



Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it had cool visuals, and neat sound effects, the compass felt a bit useless near the last few parts but over all it wasn't bad! good work :)


Boss is kinda hard to kil :D :D

Amazing game dev but the stamina runs out so quick and need to the my breath every time i run i think it would be better if i need to take my breath when only the stamina runs out and the gun mechanics is a little bit buggy but the atmosphere and the graphics are amazing good job 

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Mouse not working In my game


Check the sensibility slider in the options, there is a bug that sets it to 0 :)


Interesting premise, quality work with the visuals, mechanics, level design and sound effects are neat, the snowy blizzard and of course the survival aspect really good. Overall, good, but not great.
Ton's of bugs, the movement is disorienting, some of the assets appear and disappear, when you try to use the compass it sometimes glitches, making it hard to navigate, mouse sensitivity option is available, but it does not help much, considering the bugs in the game.  I understand this is a big project, it needs a lot of time and effort, although looking at the game page it seems like many people have worked on it and because of that this project must be showcased better. Typically, indie projects like this are super bold, but they need more time for the fix up. 
In conclusion, good idea, perfect mechanics, but not so great execution. Good Luck on your future projects.

Thank you for playing and giving us feedback!