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Discover the mysteries of Cielo Segreto

Cielo Segreto is a First Person puzzle-adventure game.
Discover the story of a lost Italian aviator in a oneiric Adriatic.
You must find your way on a strange archipelago. Discover its mysteries and resolve its puzzles to go home.
Cielo Segreto was made at Gamagora, a French video game formation of the University of Lyon.


  • An open world game in a dreamed Adriatic.
  • An original story with voice acting.
  • 8 different puzzle areas with their own ambiences.
  • A zeppelin to travel freely all around the islands.
  • An in game camera to stock your clues and best pictures.


Game Director

  • Amélia Chavot

Lead Programmer

  • Philippe Cheminel

Lead Artist

  • Corentin Fousset-Martial

Lead Designer

  • Ambroise Durand
  • Corentin Allouis

Audio Director

  • Jérémy Bienfait


  • Amélia Chavot
  • Philippe Cheminel
  • Kévin Grard
  • Joseph Kieffer
  • Charlotte Machomet
  • Robin Montes

Concept Art

  • Laurence Denneulin

Game Art

  • Corentin Fousset-Martial
  • Florian Lanet
  • Angelina Palminteri

Additional Art

  • Alix Miquel
  • Caroline Robles

FX Programming

  • Philippe Cheminel
  • Kévin Grard


  • Amélia Chavot
  • Antonin Rontard
  • Victor Sorba

Level Design

  • Ambroise Durand
  • Corentin Allouis
  • Jérémy Bienfait
  • Antonin Rontard
  • Victor Sorba

Music & Sound Design

  • Sebastian Halas

Voice Acting

  • Dougal Kemp
  • Stéphane Rotenber


  • Emma Lutringer-Gully

English translation

  • Alex Sahl

Quality Assurance

  • Ambroise Durand
  • Charlotte Machomet


  • Elody Tachet
  • Didier Chanfray
  • Eric Galin

Play Test

  • Florian Bonnafoux
  • Guillaume Benacchio
  • Nicolas Saül

Special Thanks

  • Our families and friends
  • At0mium
  • Charles Clauzel
  • Priscillia Francisco
  • Simon Samoyeau
  • Joris

Contact and More

If you want more informations about the project, you can mail the game director at amelia@mysteriousfox.com.

And if you want to get in touch with Gamagora, our formation, visit his website http://gamagora.univ-lyon2.fr.


CieloSegreto_1_0_Setup.exe 415 MB


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[2018-08-02 @ 13:06:18.052] [launch] The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)

This is what I get after hours of downloading (I have SLOW satellite internet)

Soooo, unfortunately, I cannot play the game :-(