A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Mia and Raka, renowned rogues, cannot stand each other. Connected by a magical chain, the two rivals are forced to cooperate if they want to be freed from their ethereal link.

Send the Orb of Power back to each other to prevail over the enemies chasing you! Combine strength and agility and get new skills to travel across various locations in a colorful world!

For Better or Worse - A unique, crazy and lively experience in a world combining animals and medieval fantasy!

Game created for Gamagora Game Show 2019

Time : 4 months | Two controllers needed

Design Team :

Manon Botineau                  Loïc da Silva                                 • Adrien  

Simon Gianada                      Hector Hayes--Milet             • Sonia Morin

• Lucas Pejoux                           • Lucas Remy

Programming Team :

• Nathan Desages                   • Jean-Daniel Doriac                 • Bastien Legault

• Valentin Moulard                • Axel Tétart

Art Team :

Thien Nga Ho                         Haythem Jebahi

Sound Team :

Massis Markarian              Tom Quelvennec                        Jérôme Yven


For Better or Worse (Windows) 256 MB
For Better or Worse (Mac OS X) 256 MB
For Better or Worse (Linux) 257 MB


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Hello ! I saw all of your projects and I must say it is extremely difficult to make diverse projects and all of them to stand out on their own !  Good work devs :D !

Thank you !

The projects are so diverse because Gamagora is a school, and the projects shown here are the students’ year projects. For 13 years, every year, there are 3 projects developed during about 4 months by teams of 10–15 students (arts students, game/level design students, computer science students). You can also check out our Twitch channel were the last projects were presented (in French): https://www.twitch.tv/collections/GC79Kizd4RVnVA (2020: not – yet – in public because of the COVID 19) and https://www.twitch.tv/collections/7x2ZIMHc4RWU2g (2019 and 2018).