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Entrez dans l’univers de La Horde, librement inspiré du roman éponyme d’Alain Damasio (La Horde du Contrevent) et affrontez un monde hostile, poncé par un vent perpétuel. 

Guidez votre Horde a contre-courant jusqu’à l’Extrême-Amont, la source supposée de tous les vents. Contrôlez neuf marcheurs dévoués au Contre, unissant leurs savoir-faire. Les bons choix de formation et de trajectoire seront vitaux pour survivre à chaque jour. 
Écoutez vos Maîtres, et suivez votre voie. 
Lors des Haltes, gérez l’expérience de votre groupe, et préparez-le à la suite de l’épopée. 

"Le vent ne s’est pas encore levé ce matin... J’ai confiance. Il arrive..."


Enter the universe of The Horde, freely inspired by Alain Damasio's eponymous novel ("The horde of the Counterwind", unfortunately unavailable in English to this day) and face a hostile world, shaped by a relentless wind.

Lead your Horde against the current to the Far-Upstream, the presumed source of all winds. Control nine walkers dedicated to the Counter, uniting their skills. Right choices of formation and trajectory will be vital to survive each day. Listen to your masters and follow your path. During Halts, manage your group's experience and ready it for the epic journey ahead.

"The wind hasn't risen yet this morning... I know. It's coming..."

Gameplay video 


(English below)

Prototype de jeu developpé sur trois mois dans le cadre du projet de fin d'étude de la formation Gamagora à l'Université Lumière Lyon II, promotion 2016.

En espérant que le concept vous plaise, et que le Vif vous porte !

(Manette Xbox vivement recommandée)


Video game prototype developed over three months as a final student project within the Gamagora formation at University Lumière Lyon II, France, year 2016.

We hope that you like the concept, and may the Vif Wind inspire you!

(Xbox controller highly recommended)

Game & Level designers

  • Vincent BECK
  • Dimitri LA SADE
  • Alvin C.
  • Amaury MARQUISE
  • Antony SARIAN


  • Hugo HALLÉ
  • Adrien TUAL
  • Florent VILBERT
  • Gaetan LUC
  • Yohan MONANGE


  • Julien BRILLET
  • Aurélien ARGOUD
  • Marie LAMURE

Sound designer

  • Geoffrey TURPIN
Release date May 01, 2016
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsGamagora, ihsoy, Yggå
TagsAction-Adventure, alain-damasio, damasio, gamagora, horde, la-horde, la-horde-du-contrevent, Tactical, Team-Based, wind


La Horde (x64).zip 581 MB


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Damn it looks cool the game

Loved the game.Had a bit of  a difficulty in the beggining because of the language barrier. But it is easy to get the hang of it.

I like the design, the atmosphere and the universe where it is placed.

Had no problems or bugs.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. would love to read the book....

Hey, thanks for playing ! 

Here's the book, but I don't know if there is an English version of it.


Hi will definitelytry this ! I love the book from Damasio 

played it and i gotta say though i didn't understand what i was doing cause of the language barrier, i still love it! i felt like i was really headed somewhere.

here is my gameplay, would appreciate it if you can tell what i did wrong on the skill tree if i did something wrong

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks a lot for playing our game :p

Gamagora is actually a french video game school and this is a student project so obviously... the game is in french ! Sorry for that !

There is quite a lot to say, even if you made it well without understanding anything !

The height of the bar in the back of the guys is the health, and the color symbolises "how many damages per seconds" they take

Some characters have specfifc habilities (they dash or give you information about the wind incoming). You can differentiate the character with the symbol in the back. Put a character ahead of the formation and press Y to activate the power.

What you call a "puzzle" is actualy a phase where you can revive your guys and improve them with points.

Even with those information, the game will be hard to play if you don't speak french :p 

All the gameplay is to get the right information at the right moment to avoid the wind damages. You can rest behind rocks, wait until the big gust goes away and run. You can use your specialist to get informations about what is coming.

You experienced a bug when you fall, it's not supposed to happen actually.

Oh and the game is not optimised, yes we know that, it's just a proof of concept.

Thanks again !

oh thanks maybe now i can progress further than before lol Thanks for the follow up

Control are messed up. Don't know how to play this game!

Are you playing with an xbox pad ? Did you checked the controls in the options ?