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Herrias was the most powerful goddess there was...  So powerful, in fact, that the other gods decided to stab her in the back and put her in a very, very long sleep.

After many years, she awakes and sees how lazy and peaceful the world has become. She wants her revenge. She wants power. She wants people to give her... their OBEDIENCE.

Play as Telnor, Herrias's avatar on the planet, and destroy everything in sight. Manage your Obedience Gauge correctly, as it serves as both your health AND mana gauge !

  • A - Dash
  • B - Sword Slash (stay stationary for double slash, move for single slash)
  • Right stick - Move cursor
  • X - Center Cursor on Telnor
  • D-Pad - Select power to use
  • RB - Use power
  • RT - Send minions to cursor
  • LT - Call back minions closest to cursor

Watch the GGS 2019 and the replays of our livestreams here : https://www.twitch.tv/formations_gamagora/videos

Follow us on social media : https://twitter.com/Obedience_Game https://www.facebook.com/ObedienceGame/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Project made by a team of students for the Gamagora Game Show 2019 in 3 months.

Game/Level Designers



Game in French.


ObedienceBuildV5.zip 435 MB

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